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Pilot Light Line 

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The reality is that getting a package is another thing your residents need to worry about. And it is an easily solvable problem with the right technology and experience. Today, package delivery means another time window to be in, another trip downstairs, and another item, sometimes costly, for your tenant's to forget. Light Line wants to explore how you can take the package burden away from your tenants. On-demand, 24/7 package delivery is revolutionary for experiential living, and it is just the beginning of a growing initiative to clockwork the flow of goods and services within apartment buildings. 

We are currently inviting tech-forward, innovative properties to explore the use of autonomous robots in your building during a 4 week pilot.  As an early, agile business, we are flexible and open to change. Our mission is to make life better for the tenant and increase property NOI. 


Interested properties will receive substantial discounts on market price, or higher profit share, should they choose to continue the service at product launch.  There is no service fee for the pilot. Please contact our operations team at We would love to hear from you.

Pilot Property Qualifications:

Over 100 units

Access to all units by Elevator

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