Who/what/why is Light Line Delivery?

Light Line Delivery Corp is a local Boston startup that aims to provide you with an alternative to your usual online food and perishable delivery routine. Using Light Line Delivery, you can arrange for a robot to deliver your items from the entrance of your building, to your unit's front door, with just the touch of a button. Download our app to activate your access today!


We only support iOS (Apple/iPhone) mobile devices right now. Android service will be available later this summer.


We are excited to offer a pilot program at a full-service luxury condominium in Boston for 3 weeks during select evening hours, from June 10th through June 27th. 


During this time, the robot will be chaperoned by a Light Line Staff member. Brett Wagner, President and co-founder, will be happy to answer any questions, hear suggestions, and listen to your feedback. We are seeking to learn as much as possible about this new amenity so we can design the best, fully autonomous version for you soon. Your feedback is very important to us. 


Questions/concerns? Please contact Brett Wagner, President, at any time.

Phone: (901)-827-8285.

Email: bwagner@lightlinedelivery.co  


What things can the robot deliver?

To start, we are offering delivery of your online food orders and perishable items upon arrival to the building. 


How can I download the app?

To sign up for the service, go to the Apple App store and search "LightLine" (one word) or scan the QR code below. Install the "LightLine Resident" app (the app is a white icon with purple lettering). Android service will be available later this summer. Note: We only support iOS (Apple/iPhone) mobile devices right now.

After I signed up, I got an email to create account, but when I click the link, I go to a blank webpage?

After you enter your email and request access on the Lightline Resident App, you will receive an email with a link.  Open the email on your Iphone and click the link. You will then be redirected to the mobile app to continue signing up for the service. (Note: If you click the link in the email using a laptop or desktop, you will be redirected to a blank webpage, and nothing will happen- the link must be clicked using an Iphone)


Hours of Operation?

June 10th- June 27th select EVENINGS only 

Thursday-Friday: 5-9pm

Saturday- Sunday: 6-10pm


How will I be notified if a delivery has arrived at the property?

Once the delivery is dropped off with loss prevention at the service entrance, you will receive a notification on the LightLine mobile app.


How will I request a delivery to my unit?

Upon receipt of delivery notification, you will see your order awaiting delivery on the homepage of the app.  

Food deliveries listed under “Ready for Delivery” = You will need to confirm you are available to accept delivery at your unit.

Once confirmed, the listing will move to “In transit” = The Order has been placed in the robot and should arrive in less than 5 minutes.


How do I accept a delivery?

Once the robot arrives at your unit door, you will receive a push notification via Light Line’s mobile app.

1. Open your door to greet the robot.

2. Open the Light Line mobile app to the home page.

3. Click the Package icon located at the bottom/center of the app to open the robot lid.

4. Retrieve the delivery from the robot.

5. Complete the questions on the app screen.

6. Close the lid and click complete delivery on the app.

7. Enjoy your food.


Is this pilot free of charge?



How long does the delivery take?

It will depend on how many deliveries are in front of you. Right now, it is forecasted anywhere between 3 and 10 min. 


Once you confirm your delivery, you will see an ETA time displayed on the same screen. If the ETA is inconvenient for you, you may cancel the delivery and request it at another time. If that doesn’t work, you can phone down to the loss prevention office to ask for an alternate means of delivery.


Do I have to be home for the delivery?

Yes, you must be home to accept a delivery. The robot will only wait outside your unit entry for a few minutes before returning to the service entrance.


What if I request a delivery but leave home before my delivery arrives at my door?

If you are not home, or not able to get to the door, Tango will return to the service entrance with your item. You can use the app to request it again at a more convenient time.


Is there a limit I have on the number of food orders I can get delivered?

There is no limit to the number of deliveries to a particular unit. Tango Loves to deliver.


Is the robot autonomous?

Yes, however the robot is not currently programmed to interface with elevators. Upon successful conclusion of the pilot, Tango would need an upgrade in programming to be able to accommodate independent elevator navigation.


What if I want to provide my feedback about my experience or suggestions about possible improvements?

We would love to hear from you. Please send emails to: support@lightlinedelivery.co.  Phone calls are welcome at 901-827-8285. Alternatively, comments are also accepted on our website.

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