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A Cutting Edge Tool for Your Concierge to Provide Best in Class On-Site Delivery. 

In our typical setup, once packages arrive at the property, they are logged into your current software management system as they are normally logged today. Once packages are logged, the residents receive package notifications on the Light Line Mobile App. At your residents' leisure, they can request packages to their unit doors, on-demand. Your concierge receives these requests on a mobile tablet and retrieves packages from the package room like they normally would (or a locker/smart room). The concierge then places the package(s) into the robot, and clicks deliver on the Concierge Mobile App. The robot will then make the delivery from the front desk, up to the resident door, automatically calling, entering, and exiting the elevator when needed. Ultra Fast, Ultra Private, Ultra Convenient.

Some properties choose not to support a mobile app, in which case the delivery flow above is altered, but similar and supported. Light Line will connect you with one of our elevator partners to enable robot elevator communication.


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