We use robots to offer

 privacy and convenience directly to residents every day.

For High & Mid Rise Apartments

From Front Desk, to Unit Door

A new level of convenience




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Load and Forget delivery for your concierge

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Package arrives

at front desk.

Tenant requests

Delivery via


Concierge places

package in robot

Robot autonomously delivers the package

Tenant is notified

of delivery

Contactless Tenant Delivery

Autonomous Navigation to Unit Door

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Package Delivery 

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Jess Solley Headshot.png

Jess Solley

Head of Strategic Initiatives


Former Analyst at BlackRock

Graduate Researcher 5g Technology, NYU Research REIT Center

MS Real Estate, NYU 

BS Finance, Penn State

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Barret Newberry

Board Advisor


Founder CEO Leasera

COO and Co-founder ThruHealth LLC

Co-founder CEO NextMed, LLC

Serial Entrepreneur

Business Management, University of Washington