Be Home. At Home.

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"This is by far the best amenity the building management has implemented in my time here. Super helpful, convenient, and with a cool factor..."


-Luxury Residential Resident, Boston 

Package Delivery 

Re-Designed for Residential High-Rises.

Give Your Residents Time and Space with Hyper-Local Delivery.

Why do your residents pay more for each square foot? Why are they ordering more online? And why does it matter? They care deeply about privacy and convenience, especially at home. 

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THE LAST 500 ft.

Empower your concierge to deliver anytime, anywhere within your building, with the touch of a button. 


Introducing a New Era of Multifamily Innovation.
Specifically Designed for the Residential Living Experience. 


"This is such a convenient and ingenious service. I’m on calls during the day and can’t make it downstairs to pick up perishable grocery items etc.; it’s seamless system to assist people with kids or who work from home. Great service and easy to use! LOVED having this in our building for the pilot and highly suggest it!"

-Luxury Resident 

"I found the service very helpful in general, especially during the day when making a trip down was more difficult due to work. It also helped me get my Amazon packages earlier. I often just leave them in the package room for several days or even a week+. The robot was very helpful in helping me get them earlier.."

-Luxury Resident 

“I’m an oncology patient and found the service especially helpful when I’m not feeling well. Was also very helpful during the day when I’m in back to back meetings & don’t have time to run downstairs to grab a package (especially a much needed lunch delivery). Also super helpful for groceries and heavy packages, and also just in general when feeling lazy.”

-Luxury Resident 

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LiDAR, ultrasonic, pressure sensory

Automatically calls elevator

2 mph cruising speed

Large holding space for large packages

How does it work?


Packages arrive in the lobby. 


Resident is notified of delivery and can request package on-demand.


Concierge receives resident  request and places package in robot for delivery.

An Elevated Living Experience Unlike Anything They've Ever Seen Before.

Multifamily Owners & Managers:

We will send you an invite for a 15 min overview meeting.

Thank you. We will reach out within the next 24/ hours

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Want Light Line in your building? We will send you info to share with your property manager.

Thank you. We will reach out within the next 24/ hours

This is just the Beginning of a Home Revolution.

"Cellar Door" Marketplace

Micro Shared Economy

Box/ Rubbish Removal

Outbound Delivery