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Designed in Boston, MA

Autonomous Parcel Delivery for Luxury Apartments and Condominiums. 

Extend the reach of your concierge to deliver anytime, anywhere. From front desk, to unit door. Deliver packages, food, groceries directly to your resident's door. 

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Your tool for concierges to provide best in class delivery directly to your resident's door.

2. Send. 

1. Place Package in Robot. 



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Deliver. From front desk. To unit door. 


Made for Residential

"....helped me get my Amazon packages earlier. I often just leave them in the package room for several days or even a week+. The robot was very helpful in helping me get them earlier.."


“...very helpful during the day when I’m in back to back meetings & don’t have time to run downstairs to grab a package (especially a much needed lunch delivery). Also super helpful for groceries and heavy packages..."


"It’s seamless system to assist people with kids or who work from home. Great service and easy to use! LOVED having this in our building for the pilot and highly suggest it!"


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Get packages out of the package room and into your resident's hands with automation.

Automated deliveries 24/7
On-site mapping, way-pointing, and setup 
Autonomous Mobile Delivery Robot(s) 
Charging Station
24/7 Operator support
Maintenance and replacement parts
iOS and Android Resident and Concierge apps 
Elevator Integration Support


Thank you. We'll be in touch within the next 24 hours 

Multifamily Residential Owners, Developers, and Operators. 

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Transform the Package Burden Into a Competitive Opportunity.

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