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From Front Desk.

To Unit Door.

Be Home at Home

Package Delivery 

Re-Designed for Residential High-Rises.

Giving Residents Time and Space . 

Why do your residents pay more for each square foot? Why are they ordering more online? And why does it matter? They care deeply about privacy and convenience, especially at home. 

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The Future of Residential Living

Packages delivered to the unit door, with the touch of a button.




Resident Testimonials


"I liked that even after we got home I didn’t have to go back downstairs just to grab a package that got delivered later."

"Loved everything. Hope it is developed fast enough."

"I usually have a million bags with me when I get home from work and enjoyed the service."

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Large holding space for packages

LiDAR, ultrasonic, pressure sensory

Automatically calls elevator

2 mph cruising speed

Why Robots Now?


 Annual increase in package deliveries. 


Of renters are millennials who expect smart home technology.


Of renters willing to pay for more personal space.

Innovate on a Brand New Frontier.

Multifamily Owners & Managers:

We can send you an invite for a 15 min overview meeting.

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Want Light Line in your building? We can send you info to share with your property manager.

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